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Shankar Kumar

Unacademy user
sir Q2 mein speed ka ratio S:T:H= 3:6:2 hain. so Kya humlog uska reciprocal lekar 2:1:3 time nahi karsakte? then train ka time will be 15/6 And speed be (15/6)*225. can't that be? pls clear kardijiye.
sir is this course is for mechanical or electrical?
Shankar Kumar
3 months ago
It is common for all branches..for ESE aspirants..
thanku sir... for this course
Shankar Kumar
5 months ago
Most welcome my friend..!
as you are from electronics background would you help in computer fundamental subject added to electrical ESE syllabus as no one has added this subject in Unacademy and this is non familiar subject for electrical branch..
sir ye gate mechanical k liye sufficient hai??
Shankar Kumar
8 months ago
sir is material science subject for GS and technical subject of material science for electronics and telecommunication branch same???????
Shankar Kumar
10 months ago
Almost 60-70% are same..
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  2. MATERIAL SCI ENCE 2o11 2s 1 Introdution and chemital Beno 3 3 a Muhonical Piapote Matsial 6. Ceh amice , Payne 8 2. 2. 2 3 2- o4ite?

  3. q. Fesrous metalu Lo. en- fenaul metal and aling l) Nano 2 Meta 3.Miscelaneaus

  4. Hello Shankar Kumar B.Tech Electronics & Telecommunication Cleared 2017 ESE written & Two times GATE Qualified. 4 Years of teaching experience

  5. OblECTIVE OF THE COURSE o rvaA e alul pst'i@d ime tremiat.Mang Sev.Aal t.+/ Pruuie table / Mind ap o

  6. ant Audi ence o Au Four Branches

  7. o Rate o Review o Recommend Shase Thank you