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Shankar Kumar

Unacademy user
sir i have a question related polarisability ..a charge q is elasticaly bound with spring constant k.then what is the value of polarisability?
sir you did'nt explain pyroelectric and antiferroelectrical......
Shankar Kumar
a year ago
that is not in syllabus IN non-tech portion.. it is in tech portion syllabus(only for EE/EC)
VH=B.I/rho*w kaise aaya?
Shankar Kumar
a year ago
this equation you have to remember.. ther is no derivation in that.. jus try to balance the unit of both sides.. in that way you will remember that equation..
Shubham singh
a year ago
thank you sir.
  1. 4LL EFFECT Spectmem (metal/ sc) a trans vese Caw ng t a ced r do bath and B. 2, (upper surface) Hal etenposi ment e tan oletsmine 0 Semiconductor specimen Dhitt V 1' (lower surface)

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  4. Hello Shankar Kumar B.Tech Electronics & Telecommunication Cleared 2017 ESE written & Two times GATE Qualified. 4 Years of teaching experience

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  6. eg 0 Caled as SENSIS TOR< o DIRECT BANDGAP 0 INDIRECT BA DGAP C-O C.B . HEIT LE V-3 MomentH m Momentum o Si, Ge BTT, Pio DE, PHO TOD/a DE LED, LASER et 2 Ec (ev)

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  8. Qnes The Hall effect may be used to 1. Determine whether the semiconductor is p-type or ntype 2. Determine the carrier concentration. 3. Calculate the mobility. Which of the above statements are correct? (a) 1 and 2 only (c) 2 and 3 only (b) 1 and 3 only (d) 1, 2 and3 ESE: 2018] Ans. (d) Applications of Hall Effect 1. it is used to determine whether a semiconductor is n-type or p-type. 2. to calculate carrier concentration. 3. to calculate mobility 4. to calculate drift velocity 5. to calculate the conductivity of specimen. 6. to calculate magnetic field B.

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