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Crystallography (in Hindi)(part1)
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In this lesson learner Will learn CRYSTALLOGRAPHY and Characteristics of alpha,beta and gamma particles with preliminary questions..

Shankar Kumar

Unacademy user
sir please guide me proper booklist for gs mains 2
Shankar Kumar
7 months ago
Yes.. Non tech same for all ESE aspirants.. Make your own notes.. If u want that will be more beneficial..
Abhishek Thakur
7 months ago
bro ese nahi gate k liye puch rahaa hu???
sir..all lectures of M.S is sufficient for ESE-19 exam.
teaching concept is very nice ..! thank u sir...
very good course ..... in 5 to 6 hrs u get 30 marks in ese -19 that is great ......
Shankar Kumar
a year ago
Yess! keep each topic in mind.. n b clear..
sir, alpha particles have highest kinetic energy than other particles... please look the numbers again and clear the doubt
Shankar Kumar
a year ago
yes! my friend α particles have highest K.E...
  1. Characteristic Emission of Alpha (a) Beta (B) Gamma (y) 2P 2N | Photon-very high frequency electromagnetic radiation 1 electron-High . . Changes from Uranium to Plutonium Radium to Polonium Charge (C)+2 Mass (amu)4 Speed km/s 15000 % of speed of light | 5% K.E. Penetration Power Low - Large mass & charge Moderate - Medium mass Very high- no mass, no charge, No change -1 1/1850 300000 Close to 100% 5 MeV to 1 MeV 300000 100% 100 keV less than 10 MeV 3-6 MeV -can be stopped by a thin and charge-can be stopped can be stopped only by a very sheet of paper by a few mm thick metalthick cement or steel block lonization power Very high -Large chargeModerate-Low charge Low- No charge

  2. ESE Prelims Questions In the case of ionic bonding, the molecule is stable as long as the number of bonding electrons is (a) (b) (c) (d) Q.1 Equal to the number of antibonding electrons Less than the number of antibonding electrons Greater than the number of antibonding electrons Equal to the number of antibonding neutrons [ESE 2017] Ans. (c) For stable molecular structure, number of electrons in bonding molecular orbital must be greater than number of electrons in antibonding molecular orbital. Consider the following characteristics with respect to Alpha particles: 1. They have large specific ionization values. 2. They dissipate their energy rather slowly. 3. They can penetrate the outer layer of human skin. 4. Their emitters are heavy elements Which of the above statements are correct? (a) 1 and 4 only (c) 2 and 4 only Q.2 (b) (d) 1 and 3 only 2 and 3 only [ESE: 2018] Ans. (a) Alpha particles can not penetrate human skin. Emitters of a-particles are heavy elements and they have large ionization power.

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  4. Hello Shankar Kumar B.Tech Electronics & Telecommunication Cleared 2017 ESE written & Two times GATE Qualified. 4 Years of teaching experience

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