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Overview and Introduction to Vectors (in Hindi)
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The lesson gives you the overview of the course and introduces to the term "vectors", a term that you'll be hearing again and again in physics. Next discussion is on types of vectors and representation of a vector.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎 You're one educator away from loving Physics.📚 Follow to never miss an update.

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mam i am so weak in physics please guid me . how to do self study for neet
mam u said ' i cap represents y axis' and again said '' j cap represents y axis'', i am confused
Parth Kashyap
3 months ago
I cap represents x axis , mam said y by mistake
mam, you are so cute and you viece..
Pooja Bhaira
3 months ago
u r right
your voice is very sweet
Anil Lahri
3 months ago
but you are at so beautiful
mama app I or j ko y bole
  1. Overview of the course and introduction to vectors. BY- TAMANNA CHAUDHARY

  2. Part -L Part- Trigonometry , logarithms 8. Types ot graphs tIntroduahon to scalars and vectors 2. Representalion f a vector and ifs tipes 3. Vector addition CMaxima, Minimg I. Differential calela, 4. Vecor resoution and subtraching lo. Integral calculat. 5. Dot and Crss praduct vecbors.

  3. Scalars Veclors o) d Have maanitude, not direcHon Have magnitude an dlirecHon e.. mass eg Force . ma- Momentum -mv Volume Temperatur Spacial b) added simply b) Vecbors lau additfon c) Zero or '+'ve

  4. # Representation- A Mass . o Tsee, of Vectors vectors. Veloejty Img-! b) Negahie of a vectori ) Modulus of a vector: (Magnitdel 2.Sms"

  5. d) unit vecb Veckounit magnitude A= A e) Fixed Vector : eg. Position f) Free vector ;) Collinear vector: e-o or l%o" h) (o ;) Co-initfal vector vector planer vec:or j) Co-terminus

  6. Zero vector Zero magnitude, arbitary direction ea Paiien veter df a vector aA

  7. Q. Find the unit vector in the direction of Steps' o) Rnd the resultant - A' . 1+LJ- R b) Unit vector