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Output Devices
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Output Device Basics of Computer Information Technology

Aswathy C
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  1. Computer Output Units Prepared by: Aswa thy C Follow me:

  2. Basics Used to present soft and hardcopy of informatio Monitor Primary Output device Also known as : Visual Display Unit (VDU) Resolution of a Monitor depends on number of pixels Pixel: Picture Element

  3. Types of Monitors * Monochrome Monitors CRT : Cathode Ray Tube TFT : Thin Film Transistor LCD : Liquid Crystal Display LED : Light Emitting Diode

  4. Printers used to produce hard copy information Resolution of printer : dpi dpi : Dots per Inch > Speed of Old Printers: CPS : Character per Minute LPM: Lines per Minute Speed of Modern Printers: PPM: Pages per Minute

  5. Types of Printers IMPACT PRINTERS NON-IMPACT PRINTERS 1.Line Printers 2.Dot Matrix Printers 3.Drum Printers 4.Character Printers 5.Chain Printers 1.Inkjet Printers 2.LED Printers 3.Laser Printers 4.Thermal Printers

  6. Plotter Used to produce single or multiple colored images and drawings Drum Plotters >Micro grip Plotters TYPES OF Plotter Flat-bed Plotters and Ink-Jet Plotters

  7. Speakers It amplifies sound output The audio output of the computer system relayed through the speakers. Projector projects an image onto a large surface, such as a white screen or wall

  8. Both Input & Output Devices Modems Touch Screen Headsets Facsimile (FAX) Sound Card

  9. Central Processing Unit (CPU) The Brain of the Computer Controls input & Output Units Perform Arithmetic & Logic Operations CPU Consist of mainly 3 parts ALU, Control Unit & Memory

  10. ALU Arithmetic & Logic Unit Perform all arithmetic calculations Perform all Logical Operations Control Unit Coordinates the input & Output devices Nerve Centre of the Computer