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Course Overview
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Course Overview Information Technology Basics of Computer

Aswathy C is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aswathy C
Tutor in Aswamedham PSC coaching center, Penalion Academy, Karma coaching center, Master's Academy etc.. 2 year experience in Kerala PSC tra

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derivations on rate law, half order reaction and ncert imp question from exam pt of view
  1. Information Technology Basics of Computer Course Overview

  2. About Me I am Aswathy C Post Graduation in MCA from College of Engineering Trivandrum Now working as competitive exam trainer Specialized in History & General Science Rate review comment & share Follow me:

  3. Generation of Computers All 5 Generations Features & Technologies >Examples

  4. Structure of Computer CPU Memory Unit OUTPUT INPUTT Unit Control Unit Unit ALU

  5. Input Units Keyboard Mouse Scanner OCR,OMR,MICR, BCR Biometric

  6. Output Units Monitor Printer Plotter Projector CPU and it's compenets Both Input & Output Devices

  7. Memory Units Primary Memory Secondary MMemoryV Features