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Input Devices Part - 2
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Input Devices Part-2 Basics of Computer Information Technology

Aswathy C
Tutor in Aswamedham PSC coaching center, Penalion Academy, Karma coaching center, Master's Academy etc.. 2 year experience in Kerala PSC tra

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  1. Computer Input Units PART-2 Prepared by: Aswa thy C Follow me:

  2. Scanner Converts Documents & Images into Digital format Types of Scanners Flat bed Scanner Hand Held Scanner

  3. OCR Optical Character Reader Reading text from paper and translating the images >Converts to ASCII form ASCII Full form American Standard Code for Information Interchange each letter assigned a number from 0 to 127

  4. OMR * Optical Mark Reader * Used for Objective type exams MICR * Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Used in Banks for processing Cheque * Special Ink contains: Iron Oxide

  5. BCR * Bar Code Reader * Used to read Barcodes * Code Consist of light & Dark lines * Father of Barcode Reader Norman Joseph Woodland

  6. Microphone Mic converts received sound into Digital Format QR Code Quick Response Code Biometric Used to read finger print, retina etc

  7. Important Input Devices * Keyboard ^ Mouse * Light pen * Joystick * Trackball * Touch Pad * Scanner * OCR & MICR * QR Code * BCR