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Input Devices Part - 1
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Input units Part-1 Basics of computer Information Technology

Aswathy C
Tutor in Aswamedham PSC coaching center, Penalion Academy, Karma coaching center, Master's Academy etc.. 2 year experience in Kerala PSC tra

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sir please include ldc question papers related to ldc khadi exam
  1. Computer Input Units PART- 1 Prepared by: Aswa thy C Follow me:

  2. Basics Provide data & Instructions to the computer KEYBOARD Primary input device Invented by : Christopher Sholes Receives input in text format In a Standard Keyboard: 104 keys Largest key : Spacebar Key

  3. Keyboard Alphanumeric Keys * Functional Keys * Number of Functional Keys : 12 A to Z & 0 to 9 F1 to F12 * Formatting Key Spacebar, Tab, Enter

  4. Keyboard Special Purpose Keys Delete, Backspace, help, Escape Navigation Keys Arrow Keys, Home, End * Modification Key Shift, Control, Alt * Toggle Key Num lock, Caps lock, Scroll lock

  5. Mouse Pointing Device Invented by : Douglas Engelbart Select an Icon : Left/Single Click Open an Icon: Double Click Short cut/ properties : Right Click Move as Icon : Dragging

  6. Mouse Speed of Mouse is measured by : Mickey Mechanical Mouse Optical Mouse TYPES OF MOUSE ? Wireless Mouse

  7. Other Pointing Device Joystick Light pen Track ball Touch pad Touch method was developed by Frank Mc Gurrin