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Networks || Calculation of Equivalent Resistance - 5
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In this lesson the learns will the understand how to find the equivalent resistance of cube

B V Reddy
I did my from IITKGP with a specialization of microwaves . I have been teaching for GATE and UPSC- ESE from past 12 years

Unacademy user
Thanks for solving such type of tricky questions. Thank you very much. Its help me a lot.
it is very helpful trick and chance for mistake is zero..if we get two port network,network graph,resonance and solution of grid network equivalent resistance....
very useful trick...not teached us even in our academy
sir dual of network is confusing please help us.
B V Reddy
6 months ago
Why confusion , u should know the operation when resistance are in series and when the two conductors are are in series
thank you so much sir..

  2. Target learners BE/ B.Tech ECE, EEE and IN Engineerig graduates GATE Aspirants of ECE ,EEE and IN . UPSC-ESE Aspirants of E & T and EEE ISRO Aspirants of ECE and EEE . Who want to learn NETWORKS

  3. Find the eqcivatent resistance t cube Gt AB = RAG-

  4. A1-2 12223 EDcF.HG

  5. Sarme Potenhal/E Same 2 Potenhia/ 3

  6. CI F E, D 2 G1

  7. E, D CI F 41 G1 AM 2 E,DR R/a GI

  8. A- 2 R 2 2R

  9. Find the eqivalent resistance cube Gt

  10. C-11 I 223 A-11 22 1 BDFHE 1 3

  11. Rt 32 3P cland elment

  12. Same Same tential

  13. B, E, D C/F, Gi M

  14. B, E, P CIF, G1 AM i0 ML BED CF H MA Cr K/3 R/s R/3