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Networks || Calculation of Equivalent Resistance -1
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In this lesson the learns will the understand to find equivalent resistance

B V Reddy
I did my from IITKGP with a specialization of microwaves . I have been teaching for GATE and UPSC- ESE from past 12 years

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Sir hindi medium me pdha the ho beech beech me English words ka use krte ho pls hindi words ka hi use kro q k paper ki language to hindi hi hogi
Nice lecture sir. Effective explanation👍
nice lecture sir. thank you so much
B V Reddy
9 months ago
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B V Reddy
9 months ago
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  2. Target learners BE/ B.Tech ECE, EEE and IN Engineerig graduates GATE Aspirants of ECE ,EEE and IN . UPSC-ESE Aspirants of E & T and EEE ISRO Aspirants of ECE and EEE . Who want to learn NETWORKS

  3. Calculation of equivalent Resistance * Basic method * Ladder problem analysis * Parallel symmetry Perpendicular symmetry (junction removal ) -* Balanced bridge problems & Unbalanced bridge problems (star- delta conversation) :- Vr and IT Method C-eq calculation L- eq calculation

  4. l. Basic Method This is the Simplest method. Inthiy method we need ident fy the efeue pati e curnent. he ef feckue vesistance taced by the current intet effective ath the current. The ef fecive called a equtvalent or the ef fective vesistane (Reg

  5. Note: If the uoltage and cirrrent thrgh the ement ig 3ero then the etument is called as dead elmet. Thy oead element does not effect the Ci duit operation. So this dead elament removed trom the civait dead clement

  6. 5 Q. Find Rab pb

  7. Here assume that some cament'i' locongromaX toy now we need to find the effecfue oppotition faced by the Current 1en it ig mouing ton X toy the path the cement flow 3-0 Note: RXY = 310 If hese ig no ele ment between two nodeg, then the two noder ave same nodeg (same potential

  8. pb 12- 31 50 In a b 4

  9. Ra 1 5 2 62 62 1-2 lo.n

  10. Rbx 12 81 62 d. 04 b 42 a a b 42

  11. - 1-2 a 60- I0.n l a b 6.

  12. RyP 82. 5-2 2-2 Rype ton. 12 5m 64. l0n 2.0