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Networks || Calculation of Equivalent Resistance - 2
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In this lesson the learns will the understand how to find the equivalent resistance of ladder problems

B V Reddy
I did my from IITKGP with a specialization of microwaves . I have been teaching for GATE and UPSC- ESE from past 12 years

Unacademy user
United Nations educational scientific and cultural organition founded in 1945,hq paris
I need the cubic structure for calculating equivalent resistance
B V Reddy
9 months ago
This is the easiest way to find the equivalent resistance instead of cubic structure
Debasnata rath
9 months ago
thank u so much sir ...similarly for grid network how to find equivalent resistance .
sir in capacitance problem there is small mistake in calculations sir
B V Reddy
9 months ago
Yes ,,,,
Really it is very helpfull to us..It will be berer if all topics covered by you sir..,

  2. Target learners BE/ B.Tech ECE, EEE and IN Engineerig graduates GATE Aspirants of ECE ,EEE and IN . UPSC-ESE Aspirants of E & T and EEE ISRO Aspirants of ECE and EEE . Who want to learn NETWORKS

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  5. Find Req 2.R 2 Rea

  6. a Find Req 2R SR R Req Sop 2 2 2. R+5R

  7. 2- Req J 2

  8. 6) Find Req 2 R 4 R 8R 8R _.oo Rea

  9. 6) Find Req 2 R 4 R BR 2 R 8R .oo e9 Sol This is infinite ladder problem, bt the netapzk u not sepeating R. 4R 8R 2R 2R 4R ER - ob 2CR) 2eR) 2048) 24R)--ob 2(z) /Z

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