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MS Word (Lesson -2) (in Hindi)
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Microsoft Word with MCQ. (Lesson -2)

Swapnil Jain
Having graduation with BCA & Pg with MA(sociology) having Joint Banking Training Certificate with NIBF & Fino Payment Bank 6 years experienc

Unacademy user
very nice session sir
Swapnil Jain
4 months ago
Anoop pandey
4 months ago
sir computer ka aur video continue Kare excellent session sir
Swapnil Jain
4 months ago
Ok 👍
  1. Microsoft Microsoft Word Microsoft Microsoft WE By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  2. Quick Access Buttons Title Bar Document Microsoft Word HomeInsert Page Layout References Mailin ReviewView Add Ins POF Find Replace Styles. Select Encrypt Cut. Calibri (Bodj Copy Paste B l u-x, xa Aa, A | : ! a--, l 1 Normal 11 No Spac. Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle subtle En.. Cange Sign and Paragraph Styles Ribbon Commond Tabs Control Buttons Office Button Ruler Page Scroll Bar Status Bar Zoom Control View Buttons Page1 of 1 Wordso By Swapnil Jain Sir

  3. A. DOS B. Windows C. M.S. Word D. HTML y 02: M.S. Word Document T Extension ZT A. .exe B. .pdf C. .edu D. .doc By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  4. y 03: document table menu ? A. Format B Insert C. Help D. File 04: M.S. Word TI file ? A. Presentation B. Slide C. Work Book D. Document By : Swapnil Jain Sir

  5. 05: M.S. Word spelling correct oNT use A. Spell Pro B. Spell check C. Spell Mistale D. Spell Correct y 06: Text Generally Alligned .le ? A. Right B. Center C. Left D. Justified By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  6. 4 07: M.S. Word open button A. New C. Insert B. StartD. Programe FR 08. M.S. Word ar 't text position show blinking point ? A. Blinker B. Cursor C. Pointer D. Marker By : Swapnil Jain Sir

  7. A. Executable File B. Operating System C. Document D. S/w. Programe FR 10: GFTE A. Retrieve B. Rerur C. Return D. Reverse By : Swapnil Jain Sir

  8. d) By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  9. b) c) d) Document 1 By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  10. By: Swapnil Jain Sir