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MS Power Point (Lesson -4) (in Hindi)
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MS Power point with MCQ (Lesson -4)

Swapnil Jain
Having graduation with BCA & Pg with MA(sociology) having Joint Banking Training Certificate with NIBF & Fino Payment Bank 6 years experienc

Unacademy user
1.38 min. not powers are derived while calculating factors
sir for complete rrb computers preparation what should we do?
  1. Microsoft Microsoft Power Point PowerPoint PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint 00O By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  2. Quick Access Buttons Title Bar 0 esentation1 Microsoft PowerPoir Fed Cop Reset sides Commond Tabs Ribbon Control Buttons Rular Office Button Click to add title Click to add subtitle Slide Zoom Control Status Bar View Buttons Click to add notes By : Swapnil Jain Sir

  3. Q1. Powerpoint Presentation MTFC Extention a) .doc b) .ppt c) jpeg d) .exl Q2. slide show ! d) Ctrl By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  4. a) table menu insert table b) Ribbon insert table c) A & B Both d) Table PPT slide insert Ru T T 1 Q4. RT powerpoint a) Slide Show view b) Slide Sorter view c) Slide Master view d) Outline view view 76 By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  5. Q5 FT RT slide background use a) Solid Color b) Taxture c) Picture Q6. Handout use at slides By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  6. HERT tab use a) Insert Text b) Thumbnails c) Outline d) Font Style ! Q8. slides 40GT RT view a) Normal View b) slide sorter view c) Notes page view d) Slide show view By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  7. slide show menu Q9. a) Insert b) View c) Format d) Edit Q10 M.S. Power Point Use f a) For Presentation b) For Accounting c) For Photo Editing d) For Data Entry By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  8. a) Set Timing b) Rehears Timing c) Clock Setting OW a) Animation b) Transaction c) Slide Show By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  9. Thank you All The best By: Swapnil Jain Sir