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MS Office -Multiple Choice Question(3)
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MS Office -Multiple Choice Question (part-3)

Swapnil Jain
Having graduation with BCA & Pg with MA(sociology) having Joint Banking Training Certificate with NIBF & Fino Payment Bank 6 years experienc

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  1. Microsoft Office Multiple Choice Question 03 E 3 Office 03 MCQ Microsoft" By8 Swapnil Jain Sir

  2. Microsoft PowerPoint W WORD Excel Mc@ O3 Microsoft Microsoft By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  3. A) macros B) template C) mail merge D) Auto Send A) Save As dialog box B) Spelling & Grammar dialog box C) Chart Wizard D) Font dialog box By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  4. Q.3:- Portrait 3iR Landscape RIT? A) Page Orientation B) Paper Size C) Page Layout D) Page Margin Q 4 .Spellin g Check short Cut Key ? A) F3 B) F2 C) F7 D) F10 By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  5. A) Copy and Paste B) Cut and Paste C) Paste and Delete D) Paste and Cut Q.6 :- save fa document Location A) Save as B) save C) Open D) print By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  6. A) Re-Open document B) Insert Hyperlink C) Insert Bullets D) Center alignm Q.8 :-Format Painter Tool 3 use ? A) lock Format Painter 3I AT 1 B) Format Painter 3 ale double click C) Selecting Edit Format Painter multiple use D) Format Painter Tool 31 R useT By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  7. A) Use formatting toolbar B) Use page setup option C) Use Standard toolbar D) Use Header & Footer option A) Letter B) Legal C) A4 D) A3 By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  8. Q, 1 1 :- RT View Header and Footer fa ? A) Normal View B) Page Layout Vievw C) Print Layout View D) Draft View Q. 12.- option help Spelling mistakes A) Auto Format B) Auto Text C) Auto Correct D) Auto Spell By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  9. A) Help B) Insert C) Format D) Tools Q.14-Document 31 F InsertRuT TRT ? A) Footer B) Foot Note C) End Note D) Header By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  10. Q, 15:-Formatting Toolbar Font Size Maximum dgT Bar A) 72 B) 82 C) 56 D) 100 Q.16:-MS Word Text Alignment A) 5 B) 3 C) 4 D) 6 By: Swapnil Jain Sir