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MS Office - Short Cut Key (Lesson -5) (in Hindi)
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Important Short cut keys - MS Office (Lesson -5)

Swapnil Jain
Having graduation with BCA & Pg with MA(sociology) having Joint Banking Training Certificate with NIBF & Fino Payment Bank 6 years experienc

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why is the slope positive in last case?
sir banking exam Kay liya plus course lunch kigiya
  1. Microsoft Office Microsoft Office SHORT CUT KEYS Microsoft" By8 Swapnil Jain Sir

  2. PowerPoint Microsoft crosoft Excel W woRD Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  3. SHORT CUT KEYS Ctrl+A- Ctrl+B- Bold Ctrl+C- FC Copy , Ctrl +V- Paste ah Ctrl+E- Center Allign Ctrl+F-Word Find Ctrl+H-? Replace Ctrl +1-Text Italic Ctrl+)- tar Justify By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  4. SHORT CUT KEYS Ctrl+K-da T Hyperlink Ctrl+L-Text left Align >Ctrl + M- Ctrl+R-Text Right Align By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  5. SHORT CUT KEYS Ctrl+U -Text Underline Ctrl+V-Paste ah Ctrl+W-File Close Ctrl+X -Selected Text Cut Ctrl+Z-Undo , Ctrl+]-Font size46F Ctrl+[ - Font size era Save as -Spelling Check ang F12 PF7 Ru By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  6. SHORT CUT KEYS Ctrl+U Ctrl+V Shift+Enter -Text Underline _ Paste -Line Break -Page Break >Ctrl+ Shift Ctrl+ Shift+Enter column Break Ctrl +Shift+> _ Font sizeazTe Ctrl +Shift+< -Font Size ECI By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  7. Thank you All The best By: Swapnil Jain Sir