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Pavan Choudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pavan Choudhary
Winner of Clever invention award December 2018, No.1 Educator in MPPSC Category Director Saarthi Education, Youtuber

Unacademy user
Dear Madam, I am no one to judge you, but one important thing is that you should be more careful in pronouncing the words properly instead working more on your accent...which is of least importance in comparison to the info we require.
Navdeep Kaur
2 years ago
okay thanks for suggestion will be careful next time
Sir can you please provide the pdf of mppsc answer copy format so that we can practice on it
Pavan Choudhary
a year ago
  1. MPPSC Mains Answer Writing Paper 2 part 1 SAAR

  2. Slide Title .Make Effective Presentations Using Awesome Backgrounds Engage your Audience . Capture Audience Attention SAAR

  3. 3 Marks Question East India Company Victoria's Declaration/ aRETEUT Provincial Autonomy/i farIT . Supreme court at Calcutta . Separate electorate/ r Diarchh . Simon Commission . Round table conference/ ( THde .Crisp Proposal/q fia Nehru Report SAARTH

  4. 6 Marks Question Regulating act 1773 .Charter Act 1833 . Victoria's Declaration .Govt. of India Act 1858 .Govt. of India Act 1919 SAARTH

  5. 15 Marks Question . What was the role of Govt. of India Act 1935 in framing Constitution of India Evaluate the development of India council act passed on different times SAART

  6. Histostrot Backgvound:55 inueTin IR 2i211 feza -in-1600 asie (b the ay Eastt INov. 16S has absolute es ptocl legHalotuse Speate lesthstnte net 35. slaaI Scanned by CamScanner

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  16. TEST 01 PAPER..>,PART-1 - Scanned by CamScanner

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