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Day 18 6 and 15 marker
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6 और 15 मार्क्स के प्रश्नों को कैसे लिखे

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Pavan Choudhary
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  1. Sarthi MPPSC MAINS TEST SERIES Paper 18 (Day 18) Q.1 Write down answer in 15 Words (3 marks) (b) Shahjahan c) Au ragieb / (d) Zanjir-e-Adal / 7-T-32 (e) Captain Hawkins / (f) Tuzuk-e-Jahagiri/ -T-HOfit (g) Jagat GosHTS (h) Mumtazl (i) Tajmahal/ GT (j) 4 Daccan Suba of Mughal/ 8 HT (k) Battle of Deorai/ (l) Jharokha Darshan/ TET (n) Banda Bairagi/ aar (n) Asaf Khan/ 3 ZT Saarthi Educational Society Your Civil Saarthi

  2. Q.2 Write down Answer in 100 Words (6 Marks) (a) How Nurjahan was influenced Mughal Court (b) Rebillion of Khurram against Jahagir (c) War of Succession among son of Shahjahan (d) Deccan Policy of Aurangjeb Q.3 Write down answer in 300 Words (15 Marks ) (a) Write a note on Religious policy of Aurangjeb Saarthi Educational Society - Your Civil Saarthi

  3. NURJAHAN EPISODE o Married Sher Afgan (iranian) o Mughal Governor killed him in battle o In 1611, jahangir married Mehrunissa (Nurjahan ) o His brother Asaf khan was appointed Khan-i-Sanam o His father Itmad-ud-daula was became joint Dewan o In 1613 Asaf Khan's Daughter Arjuman Bano Begam (Mumjat) was married Khurranm

  4. Dominate Royal court and became Padshah Begum o Made group with help of Asaf khan name 'Junta' to control affairs of Jahagir o Issued coin on her name o Encouraged Persian Art and Culture in royal Court

  5. TT TORT fade / Rebillion of Shah Jahan o Ordered to campaign against Qandhar but denied Put two demand Full control of Army Control over Punjab area o Jahagir denied

  6. From Mandu , where he stationed made a sudden daslh on Agra for capturing Mughal Treasure with support of Deccan Army and Asaf Khan o Near Delhi defeated by force of Mehtab Khab Hounded out of Mughal Empire o Took shelter in Deccan o Captured Bengal and Bihar

  7. o Soon Apologies from his father o kept his two Son Dara and Aurangjeb as a Hostage o In return get Tract of Deccan for Expense

  8. War of succession among his 4 sons o Dara shikah (crown prince) o Shuja (governor of bengal) Auraungzeb (governor of deccan) o Murad baksh (governor of malwa and gujarat) War Warof Bahadurpur Feb 1658 War of Dharmat April 1658 Fought b/w Dara and shah shuja Year place Near(Banaras) (near ujain) Dara and Aurag jeb - murad War of samugarh May 1658 Dara and Auragjeb- murad Samugarh War of khajwa Dec 1658 Khajwa Aurangzeb and shah shuja War of deorai Mar 1659 near Ajmer Aurangzeb and Dara

  9. Deccan Policyl ohG G o Deccan policy of the Mughals started from the reign of Akbar who conquered Khandesh and Berar o Jahangir- Against malik Amber of Ahmadnagar Shahjahan's reign-Aurangzeb was governor of deccan, followed aggressive policy AR31 kingdom in the territories of north and south konkan o Maratha ruler Shivaji carved out are independent Maratha

  10. o Due to the spread of Marathas, Aurangzeb decided to invade bijapur and golkonda o defeated sikandar shah of bijapur and annexed his kingdom (1686) o Then he proceed against golkonda and eliminate the kutub shahi dynasty o last phase of deccan policy saw the capture of sambhaji at sangameshwar where he was executed

  11. o Forbade inscription of kalma on the coin o Discontinued the practice of iharokha darshan o Discontinued the celebration of dassehra and ended the celebration of navroz festival(new year) o Royal astronomers and astrologers were also dismissed from service. o Initially he banned the construction of new Hindu temple and repair of old temples o Then he began a policy of destroying Hindu temple (destroyed famous viswanath temple of varanasi)

  12. o This had insulted in the transformation of Sikhs into a warring community o The 10th Guru Gobind singh organized his followers into community of warrior called khalsa to fight the muslim tyranny and avenge the hilling of his father. o Guru Gobind singh was however assassinated in 1708 by an Afghan at nanded in Deccan o Banda Bairagi a trusted disciple of Guru Gobind Singh continued the war against Mughals