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Mole Concept (I)
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Sachin Rana
IVth Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber (150k subs) | No. 1 educator for Organic Chemistry.

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Sir e request late ayo ennaryilaa ,bt courseoverview nalkumbol athil ethra classes undennu koodi parayanea ,as course il eathenkilum class mis cheunnundonu ariyan athu help cheumayirunu
Lullu Tv
2 months ago
The answer is in kgs there's no point of writing the whole thing in the first question ig.
why u take 10 FeC2O4 instead 5FeC2O4 if we are multiplying it by 5
Yashit Kumar
a year ago
yes I also didn't get it
Srivathsan V
a year ago
I also didn't get
Vanya Sri
a year ago
bcoz u need to balance the equation first .when u balance it, it bcoms 2fec2o4 + 3O = Fe^2O^3 + 2co2
Gautam chettiar
a year ago
Man you gotta eliminate them nascent oxygen..
Bhayya the answer to the fourth question is wrong it's 0.2...... 😅
Ashish kashyap
8 months ago
I think it"s 1.2
Ashish kashyap
8 months ago
Sorry it"s 0.6
sir in first question , reaction is not balanced properly , there should be'' 4Al ''at the place of'' Al'',on the product side
for how many days this course will go sir?
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