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Methods to Solve Questions on Time and Distance Part 3
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This lesson will allow one to learn some more tricks which will be beneficial to solve questions on time and distance. Continuing with the previous lesson Dhiraj takes up few more questions here which are solved by him. Tricks to solve each of them swiftly are discussed.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

Unacademy user
23/30 sir, brihadeshwara wala template ,It is located in Thanjavur ,Tamil Nadu
Awesome Video these are. I was a bit confused with time and distance always but your videos are clearing my doubts and confusions. Thank you so much sir ????
Question-excluding stoppage speed is 54kmPerhour and including stoopage it is 45kmper hr . Find rest time . . Ans wrong coming with your method
Amit kumar
2 years ago
yes I also confused..with this method....?
sir aap kmal ho i hope these videos will help me in campus placement
Sir ,Please explain the trick to solve the RS Aggarwal Question No 50,51 in which a speed not given
doubt in question no. 11 --- 72 kmph is the speed of train and 6 kmph is speed of man, so if we go by relative speed method (two body moving in same direction : we take difference of their speed) so here (72 - 6) i.e 56 correct me if m wrong
sahi h bhai vo.... relative speed hi to 72 h, train ki speed 72 thode hi h,vo to solve hi karni h.... isiliye relative speed=72=(speed of train-speed of man) ka use karke nikaala h....dhyan se dekho bhai...
Saurabh more
3 years ago
I think Dinesh is right. Train's speed is 72 and relative speed would be 72-8 =66 as both are moving in the same direction, the speed of the train would be relatively slower. Please see and help.
Pradeep almiya
3 years ago
bro.. train speed is 78kph & relative speed is 72kph... ans is crct jst dnt confuse between relative speed n train speed
Dinesh Yadav
3 years ago
ya sir got ur point , thanks for clearing my doubt.
  1. Tricks to Solve questions on Time and Distance PRESENTED BY DHIRAJ SINGH CHAUHAN

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  3. Question 9 Without any stoppage, Average speed of train is go kmph but with stoppages, speed is reduced to 80 kmph. Find time of rest in 1 hour.

  4. th =20 2

  5. Question 10 In what time, a train will cover a distance of 36 kms at speed of 12 kmph if it takes rest of 12 minutes after covering each 1 km distance.

  6. Travel +'me= 36 Km 12 Kph Total = 10 h

  7. Question 11 A 300 meter long train takes 15 seconds to cross a man who is walking in same direction at 6 kmph. Find speed of train in kmph.

  8. speed. = 3eem 30om Train = 72+5=78