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Methods to Solve Questions on Time and Distance Part 1
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In this unit, one will learn and understand the methods which can be utilised to solve questions on time and distance in lesser time. Various types of questions are solved and easy ways of solving them are also discussed.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

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Please Make More courses on Haryana current affair and haryana gk for Naib Tehsildar(Hpsc) and Haryana Civil Service.
Ravinder Kumar
a year ago
Sure Arun I am working on more courses relevent to HPSC exam
in question no. 4 answer should be 12 pm ??
bhavnao ko samjho ;)
Vipul Raj Gupta
2 years ago
Amaninder Singh
a year ago
it should be 12pm instead of 12am in last question's answer!!
percentage ki vedio sirrr
Amaninder Singh
a year ago
sir aap geography ka videos banaye
Shubham Awasthi
a year ago
bhai kuwar naudeep singh sr video dekh lo bhut accha video h
I have a different approach to the first question. I generally took the pool as the point of finish line. And take the last wagon as a point of starting name as it A. Then do the calculation
Amaninder Singh
a year ago
  1. Tricks to Solve questions on Time and Distance PRESENTED BY DHIRAJ SINGH CHAUHAN

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  3. Question 1 A 200 meter long train takes 10 seconds to cross a tree. Find speed of train in kmph.

  4. Distanee coveid - lrg Distanee covered - unqh steed Dist _ 20. Me 18 18

  5. Question 2 A 5o0 meter long train takes 1 minute to cross a tunnel at speed of 72 kmph. Find length of tunnel.

  6. Distance covered.= Train lant, Tun 5 I8

  7. Question 3 A train is running at the speed of 50 kmph from Russia to China at 8 AM. At same time, another train is running from China to Russia at 4o kmph. At what time will they start crossing each other if distance between Russia and China is 27o kms and they are running on parallel tracks.

  8. So 2uuia Distance coven. 'n l hour=So+4 27

  9. Question 4 A train is running at 50 kmph from Delhi to Jaipur at 8 Am. After 1 hour, another train is running from jaipur to delhi at 40o kmph. At what time will they start crossing each other if distance between Delhi and Jaipur is 320 kms.

  10. 8AM9 9 AM Distance 1pt 320-s Time t. meet 27 12 AM