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Methods to Solve Questions on Time and Distance Part 2
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From the previous lesson where one must have got familiar with the types of questions on time and distance. This lesson by Dhiraj Singh Chauhan takes you through some more questions based on time and distance and solves them using simple methods.​

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

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thnks ....for all ur effort.. plz provide more courses..
In the last question, i.e. Q8, won't we convert 5 hrs to 5/3 since 1hr equals 1/3 in relation as we did for distance i.e. 30/3 = 10 for actual distance? Please clarify. Thanks in advance
Two trains X and Y stsrt from jodhpur to jaipur and from jaipur to jodhpur resp. After passing each other, they takr 4hr48min and 3hr20min to reach jaipur and jodhpur resp. If X is moving at 45km/hr, the speed of Y is
Nyc video sir g..its a very helpful.
Any trick for this Question .A car travels from P to Q at a constant speed. If its speed were increase by 10 km/h, it would have been taken one hour lesser or cover the distance. It would have taken further 45 minutes lesser if the speed was further increased by 10 km/h. The distance between the two cities is Or we have to solve it by making two linear equation
Jyoti Meena
2 years ago
Sir please reply to this question
You have to make two linear equations and it will be like 10T- S =10 and 20T- 7/4 S = 35 so S=60 kmph and T= 7 hr so D= 420 km
Question:-Train 'A leaves Mumbai Central for Lucknow at 11 am, running at the speed of 60 kmph. Train B leaves Mumbai Central for Lucknow by the same route at 2 pm on the same day, running at the speed of 72 kmph. At what time will the two trains meet each other? Solution plz Dhiraj Sir.
Nitin Sethi
3 years ago
after 15 hours : i.e.. 7 A.M on next day
Vijay Kumar
3 years ago
Thankyou Nitin :)
  1. Tricks to Solve questions on Time and Distance PRESENTED BY DHIRAJ SINGH CHAUHAN

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  3. Question 5 A train started running at go kmph from Delhi to Goa at 3:30 PM. After 1 hour, another train started running at 108 kmph from delhi. At what distance from Delhi, second train will catch first one and find that distance.

  4. 3: 3 fvM ge Kme Distance to be covered 90 m Time taken = go

  5. Question 6 A train is running from Dehradun at 8 AM and reached Haridwar at 10 AM. At same time, another train is running from Haridwar and reached dehradun at 11 AM. At what time will they cross each other

  6. D to M H to D 3 2 Kph 3 3 6 ST =1h 12 min 9:12

  7. Question 7 A train leaves station A at 5AM and reaches station B at 9 AM. Another station leaves station B at 7 AM and reaches station A at 10:30 on the same day. Find the time at which the two trains cross each other. (CGL 2015)

  8. A to 6 8 to A 2 28 Kma Remaaniv lu 7 8 756 2

  9. Question 8 If a student walks at 5 kmph from his home to school, he gets late by 10 minutes but if his speed is increased by 1 kmph, He reaches 1o minutes earlier. Find Distance and correct time.

  10. 2 min