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MCQs On Excretion Set 4 (in Hindi)
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MCQs On Excretion Part 4

Juhi Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Juhi Mishra
JAI HIND 🇮🇳 M.Sc Botany(gold medalist)CET,DCA,B.Ed. Be Best In BIOLOGY Follow & Subscribe 🎯NEET

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thank u for ur support sir
Nikhil Sharma
a year ago
Welcome shrestha mishra
protein makes from amino acids to answer b nhi ho sakta m
Juhi Mishra
7 months ago
Let me check
mam can u plz tell me , from which book u have taken all these mcq ....mam plz don't mind ...I m just asking ...
31.Number ,Bahut hi acha question hai , Confusion renal Vein and hepatic Vein me ho gaya tha.Clear ho gaya.
Thank you mam this questions r very helpful 😃😊😃😊
Juhi Mishra
10 months ago
Welcome Ayushi
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  4. Juhi S. Mishra Verified Star Educator in NEET Section m.Sc Botan Goll medalist 7grs of Biology Teaching xpeticnce

  5. ? Question No : 31 The highest concentration of urea is found in A renal vein Bhepatic portal vein dorsal aorta hepatic vein

  6. Correct Answer D

  7. ? Question No : 32 The blood leaves the glomerulus by afferent arteriole B efferent arteriole renal artery D renal veins

  8. Correct Answer: B

  9. ? Question No : 33 The normal glomerular filtration rate in man is A 125 ml/minute B250 ml/minute 500 ml /minute D 1200 ml/minute

  10. Correct Answer :A

  11. chlorides B amino acids glucose none of these

  12. ? Question No 36 Columns of Bertini in the kidneys of mammals are formed as extension of medulla into pelvis 3medulla into cortex cortex into medulla D pelvis into ureter

  13. ? Question No : 37 In kidney, glucose is mainly absorbed by Bowman's capsule B Loop of Henle Proximal convoluted tubule Distal convoluted tubule

  14. Correct Answer: C

  15. ? Question No: 38 Of the 180 litres of glomerular filtrate produced each day the amount of reab- sorption is 96 per cent 80 per cent 95 per cent 99 per cent B

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