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MCQs On Excretion Set 2 (in Hindi)
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MCQs On Excretion Part 2

Juhi Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Juhi Mishra
JAI HIND 🇮🇳 M.Sc Botany(gold medalist)CET,DCA,B.Ed. Be Best In BIOLOGY Follow & Subscribe 🎯NEET

Unacademy user
Great Pls provide video fr anthropology
Juhi Mishra
2 months ago
Thank you
Mam I am having doubt in que 18 If loop of Henley is responsible for water absorption so desert mice should have more developed loop because there is water scarcity so the need to reabsorb more water..
Juhi Mishra
10 months ago
Nadeem, it was absolutely by mistake. Correct ans is fish, which lacks loop of henle. And desert animals have well developed extra long loop for more water reabsorbption by descending limb. I will upload it again.
Nadeem Khan
10 months ago
Thank you mam, but really your lactures are superb. Please keep continue it always.. Once again thank you
Mam question no.19,Plasma passing through glomerulus Wala question bahut acha tha, mughe eske bare me kuch Idea nahi tha.Thank you Mam
mam plz make question series of 12th 1st unit all the 3 chapter ...
mam questions 18 doubt plz clear the doubt mam
Juhi Mishra
10 months ago
Anurag, actually it was by mistake . Its correct ans. Is option C.i.e.fishes lack loop of henle
  1. Excretion & Osmoregulation MCQs Series For NEET By -Tuhi S. Mistra

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  3. MCQs Set 2 Series A By - Tuhi S. Mishra

  4. Juhi S. Mishra Verified Star Educator in NEET Section m.Sc Botan Goll medalist 7grs of Biology Teaching xpeticnce

  5. ? Question No 11 In the kidneys, the pressure gradient or the effective filtration pressure (E.F.P) is determined by glomerullar hydrostatic pressure Bcapsular hydrostatic pressure blood colloidal osmotic pressure D all of these

  6. Correct Answer: D

  7. Effective filtration pressure (EFP). The effective filtration pressure (EFP) is the total pressure that promotes filtration, is determine as follows: Glomerular blood hydrostatic pressure minus the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood and capsular hydrostatic pressure. EFP - GHP (BCOP) (CHP) - 0-(32+18): 60-50 mm Hg-10 mm Hg

  8. Question No 12 Under normal conditions which one is completely reabsorbed in the renal tubule? l Urea B Uric acid Salts Glucose

  9. Correct Answer: D

  10. ? Question No 13 The conversion of ammonia into urea occur in kidneys lungs liver intestine

  11. ? Question No 14 A condition in which urine contains blood is termed as creatinine B anuria haematuria ketonuria

  12. Question No : 16 In the kidneys of rabbit, the loops of Henle are found in medulla cortex pelvic pyramid

  13. Correct Answer: A

  14. ? Question No 17 Loop of Henle is concerned with excretory system 3 |reproductive system nervous system D muscular system

  15. Correct Answer: A

  16. ? Question No 18 The loop of Henle is poorly developed or absent it is concerned with reabsorption of water. desert mouse 3 carnivorous bird fish D snake

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