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MCQs 81-90
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In this chapter, Binati discusses 10 MCQs.

Binati Sheth
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  3. Generan Knowiedpe for XAT

  4. Five nautical miles are equal to (a) 8 km (b) 9.26 km (c) 12.6 km d) 16 km 81

  5. Solution: b. nautical mile 1.852 km

  6. The Exclusive Economic Zone shall not extend beyond (a) 200 km (c) 320.6 km (b) 280.6 km (d) 370.4 km 82

  7. Solution: d. According to the widely accepted Law of the Sea (Maritime Law), each nation that borders the ocean may claim an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which extends offshore for 200 nautical miles. Resources within an EEZ belong to the nation that claims it.

  8. In terms of the installed capacity of wind energy, which of the following states is at the top in India? (a) Gujarat (b) Kerala (c) Tamil Nadu(d) Madhya Pradesh 83

  9. Solution: c . In terms of installed capacity, Tamil Nadu is ranked number 1 followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  10. In wind power generation (a) tic energy is converted into electrical energy (b) Potential energy is converted into electrical energy (c) Thermal energy is converted into kinetic energy (d) Potential energy is converted into thermal energy 84

  11. Solution: a. In wind power generation, kinetic energy of the blades is converted into electrical energy

  12. Which of the following statements is correct? (a) Net Sown Area is known as gross cropped area (b) Area sown more than once in an agricultural year plus gross cropped area is also known as Net Sown Area. (c) Area sown more than once in an agricultural year plus net sown area is known as Gross Cropped Area 86 Net Sown Area is more than Gross Cropped Area. (d)

  13. Solution: C.

  14. Solution: d. Mountains account for 30% of the total surface area of India while about 43% of the area of the country is plain area. The first National Forest Policy after independence was set up in 1952

  15. Consider the following statements I. The Rose-ringed Parakeet is an endemic bird in India. II. Indian wild ass is an endangered species. Which of the above statements is/are correct? (a) I (b) II (c) I and II (d) None 89

  16. Solution: he Rose-ringed Parakeet population is widely distributed all over India and in many parts of Central Africa. It is given the 'least concern' conservation status by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The Indian wild ass, found in the Rann of Kutch and Pakistan, is an endangered animal. b. T