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MCQs 151-160
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In this chapter, Binati discusses 10 MCQs.

Binati Sheth
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  4. The blue-black colour of boiled rice water, when mixed with a few drops of dilute iodine solution, is due to the presence of- (a) Proteins (c) Phosphorus (d) Iron (b) Starch 151

  5. Solution: b. Rice is rich in starch which is a carbohydrate. When a few drops of dilute iodine solution is put in a substance rich in starch, its turns blue-black in colour.

  6. Which vitamin is prepared by our body in the presence of sunlight? (a) Vitamin A (b) Vitamin B-complex (c) Vitamin C (d) Vitamin D 152

  7. Solution: d. Vitamin D can be made by our body itself. Our skin uses sunlight to produce vitamin D

  8. Poor vision can be due to the deficiency of (a) Vitamin A (b) Vitamin D (c) lodine (d) Iron 153

  9. Solution: a. Vitamin A keeps our skin and eyes healthy

  10. Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis? ()Oxygen b) Carbon diosyide (c) Hydrogen (d) Water 154

  11. Solution: a. Plants use water and carbon dioxyide to prepare food through the process of photosynthesis with oxygen as a by product.

  12. How does Rhizobium helps legumes? (a) (b) (c) (d) It helps in getting starch It helps in extracting energy from sunlight It helps in getting nitrogen It helps in absorbing water through the roots 156

  13. Solution: d. Ruminant animals quickly swallow the food and store it in a part of the stomach called rumen. The food gets partially digested here and is called cud. Later the cud returns to the mouth in small lumps and the animal chews it.

  14. Solution: b. Lohi, Rampur Bushair, Nali and Bakharwal are different breeds of sheep. Lohi -Rajasthan and Punjab, Rampur Bushair - Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, Nali - Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana Bakharwal-Jammu and Kashmin

  15. Scurvy is a disease caused due to the deficiency of (a) Vitamin A (b) Vitamin C (c) Vitamin D (d) Calcium 159

  16. Solution: b. Scurvy is a disease of human beings caused by a prolonged deficiency of vitamin C in the diet