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MCQs 181-190
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In this chapter, Binati discusses 10 MCQs.

Binati Sheth
An Avid Reader. A Teacher. An Aid worker. An Engineer (E&C). A Writer. Budding Art Connoisseur. A philomath. A Shōnen Otaku.

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  4. Which of the following gases reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood? (a) Carbon dioxide (b) Carbon monoxide (c) Nitrous oxide d) Nitric oxide 181

  5. Solution: b. When inhaled carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin in the blood, preventing absorption of oxygen and resulting in asphyxiation.

  6. What is marble cancer? (a) cancer caused to human beings working in marble mines (b) soil degradation due to marble mining (c) degradation of marble surface by CFCs (d) degradation of marble surface by acid rain 182

  7. Solution: d. Pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide react with atmospheric water vapour to form sulphuric acid and nitric acid. The acids drop down with rain, making the rain acidic. This is called acid rain. Acid rain corrodes the marble of the monuments

  8. Which is the brightest visible star in the sky? (a) Sirius (c) Alpha Centauri (d) Alpha Orionis (b) Polaris 183

  9. Solution: a. Sirius, also known as Dog Star, is the brightest star in the sky It is situated in the constellation Canis Major.

  10. Which of the following planets is often called a morning star or an evening star? (a) Mercury (c) Mars (b) Venus (d) Jupiter 184

  11. Solution: b. Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. It is often called the morning star when it appears in the east at sunrise and the evening star when it is in the west at sunset.

  12. Terylene is a form of (a) Nylon (b) Acrylic (c) Rayon (d) Polyester 186

  13. Solution: d. Melamine is an example of thermosetting plastics. It resists fire and can tolerate heat better than other plastics. It is used for making floor tiles, kitchenware and fabrics which resist fire.

  14. Solution: c. Metals are said to be sonorous because they make ringing sound when struck hard. Gallium, a metal, is sonorous while the other three are not.

  15. The green coating on a copper vessel when it is exposed to moist air is a mixture of (a) Copper oxide and copper carbonate b Copper hydroxide and copper carbonate (c) Copper hydroxide and copper nitrate (d) Copper oxide and copper sulphate 189

  16. Solution: b. The green coating on copper surface is a mixture of copper hydroxide and copper carbonate 2Cu + H20+Co2 + 02 Cu(OH)2+CuCO3