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Hanumant Hande
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Q: Which of the following are true regarding Smart Gram Initiative ? A) Initiated by Rashtrapathi Bhavan a model which is funded only by State govt . B) Initially 5 villages chosen for this scheme are from Punjab. C) Constructing sanitary napkin production centre and water atm is under this scheme. Options ; a) a&b only, b) c only , c) all of the above , d) none of the above.............. answer: option b (c only) reference
Perfect Arvind :-)
Hey Arvind, Your MCQ for Session 3 & 5 are missing. Could you pls frame them?? I will be recording the first Revision Lesson for this INS-1 after few hrs. Want your MCQs to be its part. After all, you are a consistent student of this course :-) So, pls frame it ASAP & confirm me here in the reply to this comment. Thanks...
Hi Dhananjay just now added the MCQS, terribly sorry for the delay had some personal errands to be taken care of, BTW great series Dhananjay eagerly waiting for the next nugget......
Arey, No Worries Arvind. Thanks for the MCQs and for your consistency :-) . Actually, I was consolidating all the MCQs, so got delayed in uploading the Fresh nuggets :P . Will be uploading the next Nugget on "Entrepreneurship- Types & Govt Schemes" today itself
Hey Arvind, MCQ for session 3 is still missing. Could you pls update that so that I can keep you name in the List to be uploaded :-) pls ping me here in this thread once you are done with that Session 3 MCQ.. Thanks :-)
best video sir but English wr jast bhar dyawa pla
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  3. M.P.S.C. 2019 & CDPO Exam 2018 Review Share Comments ?unacademyHanumant Hande Verified, Star and Plus Educator