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Material Science - 1 (in Hindi)
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Basics of grain growth

Ashish Futtan
MTECH IIT Bombay|Quora Top Writer for GATE Mechanical 2019|Cracked IIT (ISM) Dhanbad,IIT DELHI|3 times GATE qualified| Singer|

Unacademy user
A nd B can complete a wrk in 24 days .if for the last six days A alone does the work then it is completed in 26 days .how long B will take to complete the wrk alone ? sir ye kaise karenge plz explain
Abhishek Sinha
2 years ago
72 dys
Shaik sultan
a year ago
In the same question what if how long A alone can complete work? ( Ans- A will take 48 days) is it right Abhishek Sinha?
Amaninder Singh
a year ago
8 months ago
This session is going to provide you the basics of time and work with some important tricks such as LCM method to solve problem quickly
8 months ago
shweta Singh focus A + B ko 24 din kaam krna tha but B left the work in 20 days then A alone work for 6 days in which A complete his remaining work of 4 day and also complete remaining work of B 's 4 day by taking 2 days extra krna 24 mei tha kra hai 26 mei 2 din extra liye so B × 4 days = A × 2 days u get efficiency of A and B A/B = 2/1 A= 2 ,B = 1 now A+B = 3 total work = 3× 24 t(b) = 72/1 = 72 days
bhai yae 12 video sae gate questions ban Kae Gye kya
sir please upload in english as soon as possible sir plz
thanks sir for explaining in a much better way ! thanks
Ashish Futtan
4 months ago
More will be uploaded today
Balram Gupta
4 months ago
sir thanks, and at this time please guide us !
SIr ye GATE ke liye enough hai??
bro plz make in english also
Ashish Futtan
4 months ago
Ya i will make soon
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