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(Hindi) Quick Revision of Material Science: GATE


180 ratings

22 reviews

Ashish Futtan

In this course educator will discuss all the important concepts and formulas of engineering materials



22 reviews

Snehil Kulshrestha

reviewed on Jul 31, 2019

Amazing and very to the point content. Extremely helpful. GATE and other engineering aspirants can surely use fo quick revision.

Anish Sony

reviewed on Jul 18, 2019

thank you Sir. my concepts are very much cleared now, please upload the full course of Material science and engineering, Iron-Carbide diagram is left, then phase diagrams, lever rule, stress strain diagrams and many more. please complete it. your teaching is amazing, it's the first time ever I could understand material science so easily. please upload the rest fast.

sajid hussain

reviewed on Jul 22, 2019

simple and easy concepts...!! no difficulties in understanding. very nice

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