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This lesson covers: Malnutrition.

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  1. Balanced Diet

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  4. . A balanced diet is a diet that provides all the nutrients in their correct . Balanced diet is different for different individuals and is dependent on the . For example the biological demand for carbohydrates, fats, proteins and the proportion so as to fulfil the biological requirement of an individual. biological need of an individual vitamins required for the metabolism will be much higher in an athlete than in a person with a sedentary desk job.

  5. A balanced diet should contain o Cereals Pulses, o Vegetables and Fruits, o Milk and milk products, o Oils and fats, and o Sugar. In cases of non-vegetarians, it should also contain animal proteins and eggs on a regular basis. . An unbalanced diet or a diet that contains one nutrient in a much higher proportion to others or essential nutrients in very low quantities give rise to malnutrition .

  6. Malnutrition

  7. Malnutrition is the condition arising when the consumption of nutrients is not enough or is too much. The excessive or very low consumption of nutrients causes disorders in the body and impair of normal body functions. Poverty in developing and underdeveloped nations, consumption of low quality food and protein energy malnutrition are common reasons behind severely malnourished children in these nations. . .

  8. Malnutrition- Protein Energy Malnutrition Protein Energy malnutrition (PEM) is usually seen in children. . It is generally seen in children those have been weaned off mother's milk Two disorders associated with PEM are: o Kwashiorko o Marasmus

  9. Kwashiorkor: It is a disorder seen in children weaned off milk in their diet that is deficient in proteins but adequate in calories It results in the child as developing a protein deficiency. Muscle wasting and retarded growth are seen. A classical feature of kwashiorkor is a child with a distended belly and edema (swelling). Also, there is anaemia caused by decreased haemoglobin synthesis. .

  10. Marasmus It is a disorder of both proteins as well as calorie intake. . Because of deficiency in calorie intake, most of the protein in the diet is used for energy . There is gross muscle wasting and the growth of the child retards.

  11. Malnutrition- Aserious problem in India Malnutrition is a serious problem in India, especially among young children. The malnutrition existing in India is mostly related to low consumption of essential nutrients, low consumption of proteins during growing years, poverty and inability to purchase high quality nutritious food thereof. World Bank data has shown that India has one of the highest population of malnourished children in the world. . . The Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2017 has ranked India 100 out of 119 countries, indicating the serious hunger situation. Amongst South Asian nations, India ranks third behind only Afghanistan and Pakistan with a GHl score of 31.4 *