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Human Blood
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This lesson covers: Human Blood.

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Roman Saini
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Sir, I have a query regarding parentage portion of video. Sir is it possible to occur all different blood groups of father, mother and baby in IVF?
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tq sir for this awesome course but your explanation is not upto the level of old roman saini sir sry don't mean that
  1. Blood. Nutrition. and Vitamins By Dr. Roman Sairni

  2. Blood

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  5. ABO Blood Group in Human Beings The ABO blood group system in human beings was established by K. Landsteiner. It is based on the presence or absence of certain antigens. There can be two antigens A or B in the blood, resulting in four blood groups, namely A, B, AB and O. These are called ABO blood groups or Landsteiner blood groups. . e . .

  6. The blood of a person having A group will have the antigen A and a person having B group will have the antigen B. With these antigens A and B, there are certain naturally occurring antibodies in the serum of the blood. . The antibodies in a particular individual will be found only for those antigens which are absent in blood of this individual

  7. The presence of antigens and antibodies occur as follows Blood groups Antigen Antibody in the serum Anti B Anti A None Anti A and B AB A and B None

  8. . Antibodies in the blood of 'group A' will agglutinate red blood corpuscles . Similarly the antibody in blood 'group B' will agglutinate red blood . Since no antibody is found in 'group AB' blood, it will not agglutinate any . "Group O, will have antibodies for group A and B. Hence group O, will of the blood group EB corpuscles of the blood group A. other groups. agglutinate group A and B.

  9. Compatibility of Donor Blood Blood group of the Donor Blood group of the Recipient A and AB B and AE AB O, A, B, AB AB From the table provided it is obvious that 'group AB' is universal recipient. 'Group O' is the universal donor.

  10. Disputed Parentage and Blood Groups Parents Blood group in progenyImpossible blood groups A, B, AB B, AB A, AB O, AB OxA O, A O, B A, B A, B, AB O x AB AB x AB

  11. Rh Blood Group Rh factor in blood was discovered by Landsteiner and Wiener in 1940. . It was initially discovered in rabbits, immunized with the blood of Rhesus monkey The human beings whose blood will get agglutinated with rabbit serum were designated as Rh+, and whose blood if not agglutinated were designated as Rh- . . Wrong transfusion can cause agglutination of blood in the recipient. Hence before transfusion of blood, along with identification of ABO blood group, it is necessary to test the compatibility of the Rh factor .