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Limitation to Amending P​ower in Indian Constitution
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In this lesson, limitation of amending power of the Parliament are explained in detail. As he starts his explanation he also mentions Supreme Court's view on Shankari Prasad Case and Golaknath's case. He also sheds light on the 24th Constitutional Amendment Act. He then speaks about Keshavanand Bharati case and elucidates the Doctrine of the basic structure. Finally,​ he throws light on the features of basic structure and compares it with the present situation.

Arpit vijay
B.Tech from IIT Kanpur, Appeared in CSE 2015 interview, Cracked CAPF (AC) 2015.

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loss of revenue due to ticket less passengers
for ur effort it is necessary to say less is more.thanxx sir
Sir, please make a series also on various cases of the supreme court which is imp to exams and which makes constitutional remark...
sir, s r bommai case related to misuse of governor power and president rule controversy. is any other case related to secularism of sr bommai?
silent smart lecture..5 star..