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Introduction to Article 368 of Indian Constitution
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Through this lesson, Arpit explains all that a CSE aspirant should know about Article 368. As the lesson begins one will come across a brief on which other countries have the similar article in their constitutions. He has also thrown light on the country from where this article was borrowed from. He has also highlighted some important amendments happened under the article 368.

Arpit vijay
B.Tech from IIT Kanpur, Appeared in CSE 2015 interview, Cracked CAPF (AC) 2015.

Unacademy user
Roman sir,plzz help me for a thing,that is i want to take english literature as an optional subject for upsc,coz i'm interested in this subject and i think i can perform better in this subject,but this is not my graduation subject so please make a lesson on english literature on unacademy how to prepare and what books to read in regarding this,and i did analyze the previous year question as u said in ur lecture(approach of a aspirant) so please please bcoz u knw this subject has no much guidance anywhere so i think u r someone u can help me.i hope u can understand me...plzzz do this sir....
Within 5 points you summarized the whole article 368. This is amazing. Thank you.
content is nyc sir.. kindly speed must ne increased.
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