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Lift and Drag(in Hindi)
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Types of lift and drag

Priya Malani
Hello! BTech(Aerospace),Cleared Afcat(2 times),Cry Volunteer,Stem Education Enthusiast.

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amazing course mam
Priya Malani
a year ago
thank you. glad i could help
  1. LIFT & DRAG TYPES by priya malani

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  4. LIFT & DRAG TYPES by priya malani

  5. 1. LIFT The force acting perpendicular to the relative wind

  6. Static & Dynamic Lift Static lift: vehicles lighter than air( hot air balloon) Dynamic lift: vehicles heavier than air( airplanes) L= rho*V^ 2*S*C1/2 here rho: fluid density V: vehicle velocity S: planform area Cl: coefficient of lift

  7. DRAG: the force that opposes the motion of the vehicle and acts in the direction of the relative wind

  8. DRAG Pressure/form drag : formed due to components of pressure forces and it depends on shape/size of the body V Skin friction drag: forms due to viscous tractrons on the surface of the body producing shear stresses. It depends on the stretch of attached flow.

  9. DRAG Interference drag: The extra drag we get on assembling when individual parts are assembled.lts also called transonic drag can be avoided using fillets,fairings or the witcom rule(continuous area distribution)

  10. DRAG OWave drag:_It is the extra drag produced by the pressure rise behind the shocks.lts major in supersonic speeds. Trim drag: whenever any control is deployed ,it comes with a penalty of drag called trim drag

  11. DRAG Cowl drag:air flowing around engine nacelle absorbs heat and so P and T rises and hence D rises. OParasite drag:Summation of all drag except induced drag Profile drag: form drag+ skin friction drag.

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