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Airspeed-2(in Hindi)
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Priya Malani
Hello! BTech(Aerospace),Cleared Afcat(2 times),Cry Volunteer,Stem Education Enthusiast.

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  1. AIRSPEEDS Priya Malani

  2. ABOUT ME: Bachelors in Technology in Aerospace . SRM UNIVERSITY . Cleared AFCAT II-2017 Cleared AFCAT I-2018 . Gate Aspirant . Educator on Unacademy

  3. Hello! I am Priya Malar I am here because I love to share my knowledge You can find me at: unacademy @ priyamalani96-4980

  4. AIRSPEEDS Priya Malani

  5. AIRSPEED Indicated airspeed(IAS) Calibrated airspeed(CAS) Equivalent airspeed(EAS) True airspeed(TAS) Ground airspeed(GS) 5

  6. Speed of an aircraft relative to the air.

  7. CALIBRATED AIRSPEED(CAS) AS corrected for instrument errors,position errors mean sea level & installation errors Equal to EAS & TAS in a standard stmosphere at

  8. EQUIVALENT AIRSPEED (EAS) The airspeed at sea level in thee International Standard Atmosphere at which the dynamic pressure is same as the dynamic pressure at true airspeed At standard sea level, calibrated airspeed and equivalent airspeed are equal EAS is the CAS corrected for compression air in pitot tube.

  9. RECTIFIED AIRSPEED (RAS) When ASIR is corrected for both instrument and position error.

  10. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at priyamalani96-4980