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Aerodynamics definition-4(in Hindi)
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Aerodynamic definition with reference to wing loading and twist

Priya Malani
Hello! BTech(Aerospace),Cleared Afcat(2 times),Cry Volunteer,Stem Education Enthusiast.

Unacademy user
Kindly upload MCQs on Geography, Environment, History as well.
Shilpi Rajoria
2 years ago
mcqs on geography has already been made by roman sir, environment mcqs by Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika sir, and mcqs on history by other educators, you can search it in explore option.
Suresh Prakash
2 years ago
Shilpi Rajoria
2 years ago
welcome sir.
Suresh Prakash
2 years ago
You have scored almost 80% in most of the test you took on unacademy. Can you please tell how do you manage to get such a high score every time? Kindly share the hard work you put in to achieve such a tremendous feat.
Shilpi Rajoria
2 years ago
Sir, from april 2016 i started making notes of current affairs from PIB website and Hindu newspaper. Simultaneously, i made notes of static portion like History, Economy, Art and Culture. For environment and ecology i followed notes which i made during my post graduation. I have spend most of my time in making notes, and revised them by solving Mcqs.
  1. Basic Aerodynamic Definitions Priya Malani

  2. ABOUT ME Bachelors in Technology in Aerospace SRM UNIVERSITY Cleared AFCAT I-2017 Cleared AFCAT I-2018 Gate aspirant 2019 Educator on Unacademy

  3. Basic Aerodynamic Definitions Priya Malani

  4. 1 Basic Aerodynamic Definitions w.r.t wing loading & wing twist By Priya Malani

  5. 2 WING LOADING Centre of Pressure Coefficient Load Factor Wing loading

  6. Lift Fi 0 Flow Drag Fo Center of pressur

  7. 8 VH-ATO nomad GAF

  8. WING TWIST Geometric Twist Aerodynamic Twist

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