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Lesson 7 (Common business terminology)
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Discussion on common marketing terminology (Alphabet 'M' to 'P')

Chandan Poddar
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  1. Merger Merger is considered to be a process when two or more companies come together to expand their business operations.

  2. Mission The unique purpose of a firm that sets it apart from firms of its type; identifies scope of operations including markets customers, technology, etc. in manner that reflects values and priorities of the rm's strategies. products, distribution,

  3. Niche Marketing Niche marketing refers to the exploitation of comparatively small market segments b businesses that decide to concentrate their efforts. Niche segments exist in nearly all markets. For example: atta noodles for health conscious

  4. Opportunities Opportunities are any feature of the externa environment which creates conditions that a business can exploit to its aetagssiness is successful in exploiting opportunities, then it will be better placed to achieve its objectives.

  5. Personal Selling Oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale. The personal selling may focus initially on developing a relationship with the potential buyer, but will always ultimately end with an attempt to "close the sale".