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Lesson 2 (Common Business Terminology) (in Hindi)
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Discussion on common marketing terminology (Alphabet 'B' and 'C')

Chandan Poddar
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Pradeep Kumar
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  1. Brand Loyalty It is a strongly motivated and long standing decision of the customer to purchase a particular product or service. Brand Recognition It is a customer's awareness that a brand exists and is an alternative to purchase.

  2. Brand A brand is the specific type of the product form - A brand represented by a brand name, symbol, design, logo, packaging is the identity of a particular product form that customers recognise as being different from others Business Model A company's business model is management's storyline for how the strategy will be a money maker.

  3. Business Portfolio The business portfolio is the collection of businesses and products that make up the business. Business to Business Marketing activity directed from one business to another. This term is often shortened to "B2B"

  4. Buying Behaviour Buying behaviour concerns the process that buyers go through when deciding whether or not to purchase goods or services Buying behaviour can be influenced by a variety of external factors and motivations, including marketing activity.

  5. Cash Discount A reduction in the price of goods given to encourage sale on case basis. Competitive Advantage Advantages that a firm has over its competitors Competitive Position The position that a firm has or wishes to achieve within its industry as measured against its competition.