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Lesson 6- Banking Awareness Quiz 1(in Hindi)
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Most important banking awareness question are covered in this lesson.

Pratik Dusane
Cleared LIC assistant pre,IDBI executive final selection, ESIC UDC mains, IBPS PO mains, EPFO SSA pre, LIC ADO Final selection, SBI Clerk Pr

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how variable calls variable in recursion??

  2. Q1. Monetary Policy is a regulatory policy by which the the supply of money, availability of bank credit and cost of money that is the rate of interest: or monetary authority of a country controls a) Central Bank (RBI) b) SBl c) IBA d) None of These

  3. Q2._controls the supply of money and bank credit: a) RBI b) Indian Banking Association c) SEBI d) None of These

  4. Q3. The main objective of monetary policy in India is Growth with Stability B) Redlwce Poverty and Achieve Stab ity c) Overall Monetary Stability d) None of These

  5. Q4. The monetary management regulates: a) Availability of Money and Credit only b) Cost of Money and Credit Only c) Use of Money and Credit Only d) All of the Above e) None of These

  6. Q5. Price Stability implies promoting considerable emphasis on price stability: with a) Financial Development b) Economic Development c) Strategic Financial Development d) None of These

  7. Q6. An open market operation is an instrument of mon etary policy which involves buying or selling of from or to the public and banks: a) Bonds and Other local securities b) Debentures and Shares c) Government Securities d) None of These

  8. Q7. the The RBl sells government securities to control a) Flow of Finance in banks b) Flow of Credit c) Flow of Governmental Securities d) None of These

  9. Q8. If RBI wants to increase the credit flow it buys a) Government Securities b) Shares and Debentures c) Other Local and Short term securities d) None of Thes

  10. Q9. The Cash Reserve Ratio is an effective instrument of credit control. Under the RBl Act, 1934 every bank has to keep certain minimum cash reserves with RBI: a) Public Bank b) Commercial Bank c) Industrial and Agricultural Banks d) None of These

  11. Q11. Decrease in the Cash Reserve Ratio increases the cash for a) Lending b) Borrowing c) Mortgaging d) None of These

  12. Q13. Every financial institution has to maintain a certain quantity of liquid assets with themselves at any point of time of their total time and demand liabilities. These assets have to be kept in non cash form such as G secs precious metals, approved securities like bonds etc. The ratio of the liquid assets to time and demand liabilities is termed as a) Statutory Liquidity Ratio b) Cash Reserve Ratio c) Reverse Repo d) None of These

  13. THANK YOU pratikdusane