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Lesson 2- Monetary Policy by RBI (in Hindi)
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This lesson will explain how monetary policy is helpful for economic stability and what exactly is done in monetary policy is explained in detail

Pratik Dusane
Cleared ESIC UDC Pre 2019, LIC ADO pre 2019,LIC ADO Mains, SBI Clerk Pre 2019, FCI pre 2019, IBPS clerk pre 2018. Freelance Quantitative Apt

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  1. onetary Policy by RBI

  2. Hill PRICES Inflation Defltaion

  3. sk De mand Puul in flat ion InCYease in demand popuda.on, Black money , i/c -- syppl remains same. Lack of goods &Services *Cost push inklarion 1/P (ost s scich as ag, s, tax es, power cost, Intevna, , on pure hike

  4. CSo Mo statistics Programme Irmplimentarion maintain statistical records Noh Ond income.

  5. What is Monetary Policy? Maintaining a balanced and Stable economic market conditions Price stability Promote economic growth

  6. 182 404 77% a. cer 0523 17 12000 E MONETARY POLICY 0.3% 7.7% 0.1% 963,095 12.4% 66,055 4.7% 9.2% 4.7% 3.8% 0323, 178 470 4.330.582

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