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Lesson 1- RBI Introduction (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, educator explains basic concepts and factual data related to RBI ( most important topic in Banking awareness)

Pratik Dusane
Cleared IBPS clerk Prelims 2018. Faculty for Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning

Unacademy user
sir your video are awesome and thank for give guideline for Prepare in systematic Mannar for Main Exam.Sir please make Phase 3 Video Prepare for Prelims Please make I am waiting for for your Video or guidelines it very helpful us or UPSC Apsirant it help to achieve a goal....thank you Sir👌👍🙏
Ashish Malik
7 months ago
most welcome.. Thnks fr the feedback
Pratik Dusane
2 months ago
Thanks minu. Please watch all the courses
  1. RBI- Reserve Bank of India E BAN By- Pratik Sir

  2. Pream Ble ot ROT ,, To Yegunare the issue of Bank N ,sd " 1 0 keeping t reserves witn a vie to secuning munetory stasility in Tndin & generali the Country to its advanja9e

  3. Emergence of RBI 1926 The Hilton Young commission recommended creation of central 1933 White paper on Indian constitutional reforms recommended 1934 The bill was passed and received Governor General's assent 1935 RBI commenced its operations as central bank from 1st April 1949 Government of India nationalized RBI under Reserve Bank bank creation of central bank 1935 (Transfer of public ownership) Act

  4. RBI- Functions 1. Central Bank Of Country 2. Banker's Bank 3. Issue of Bank notes- 2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 4. Banker to Government of India 5. Controller of Credit

  5. RBI- Organizational Structure Central Board of Directors (20 Members) Governor Urjit Patel (One) Executive Directors Government Official Nominated by Directors (Four) Deputy Governors Central Government (one) (Ten) (Four) M. K. Jain, B.P. Kanungo, Viral V. Acharya, N. S. Vishwanathan

  6. Subsid iasies of RBI e Post Insurance BRBNnrL_ Bharhya Reserve Bank Note Mud van PrivareLimiteal ] NH 8na Husing Bank

  7. Thank You