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Introduction Video of Methods of Differentiation Volume 1 by MC Sir (Best Approach) (in Hindi)
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Introduction video of methods of differentiation, contents of the course discussed,

Manoj Chauhan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Manoj Chauhan
Maths faculty for IIT JEE (Main and Advance), Maths Specialist for Calculus, Ex Senior faculty Vibrant Academy,Top notch online faculty

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Sir will you teach complex no
Sir you are the best teacher of math ,you are doing hard and best work for students
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  2. MOD Course Vol 1 Manoj Chauhan Sir (IIT DELHI) Success Mantra KEEP Thinking (Problems only :D)

  3. About Me At present, Maths faculty at Unacademy. Ex Sr. faculty at Vibrant Classes (Kota) (2013-2018) Online Maths faculty at Etoos India. Ex Sr. faculty at Bansal Classes Ex Sr. faculty at Career Point (Kota) B.Tech, IIT Delhi Teaching Experience of more than 11 years. (2011-2013) (Kota)(2008-2011) (2007-2008) (2003-2007)

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  5. What should be the Student's Strategy? Revise what has been done in the previous lectures. * Writing Notes. Making notes while the lecture is an important task. Don't just listen to the video. Write each and everything. Keep pen and paper ready. Pause the video according to your speed. And learning ability * Draw graphs timely Try to solve before I solve * Follow the courses regularly.

  6. Important Features of My Lectures * More than one approach to solve. * Well laid out plan. *Complete discussion of each and every topic. * All types of questions covered : easy, Medium, difficult, super difficult * Topic wise previous year problems solved * Target is IIT Advanced, also helps you in all the Engineering entrance ex ams as well as for boards. * Making Maths interesting and entertaining.

  7. Testimonials "After taking MC Sir's classes Maths has become my best subject. He is incomparable My comfort level with Maths has inoreased since MC Sis classes." started taking "Maths was a subject, which gaw me nightmares. But since I started taking MC Siw's lectures, have become ey comfortable with the subject. "If anyone wants to leam Maths in a smart and way, they should leam it from MC Si. "MC Sir teaches with such apt examples, which mak me understand any difftcult concept with ease.

  8. Contents ** Introduction to chapter ** Diffrentiation by 1st principal,Derivative of standard functions, product rule ,quotient rule, chain rule, Logarithmic diffrentiation, parametric diffrentiation, *Derivative of one function w.r.t. another function