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Introduction to Lesson (in Hindi)
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Introduction to Plant Morphology(In Hindi)

Juhi Mishra
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16 - not regular , it is CFL 17- not regular , it in CFL 18- not CFL since double comparison not alllowed and not regular 19- not CFL or regular since factorials are never in Arithmetic Progression. 20- Finite so it is regular and CFL Are all answers correct ma'am?
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3 months ago
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Juhi Mishra
3 months ago
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4 months ago
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  6. PLANTS Angiosperms are characterized by presence of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. - The underground part of the flowering plant is the root system while the portion above the ground forms the shoot system

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  8. The "morphology" word is from the Ancient Greek morphe'meaning "form" and logos meaning "word, study, research". Morphology is the study of the external form and the internal structure of plants and the ontogenic development of the plant body as a whole and of its member.

  9. The morphology of vascular plants echoes their evolutionary history as being terrestrial organisms that occupy and draw resources from two very diverse environments- underneath the ground and above the ground. They must absorb water and minerals from below the ground surface and CO2 and light from above ground surface.

  10. The ability to acquire these resources efficiently is traceable to the evolution of roots, stems and leaves as the three basic organs. These basic organs form a root system (which develops from radicle of the germinating seed) and a shoot systenm (which develops from the plumule of the germinating seed)