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Introduction to CSS (in Hindi)
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Brief introduction of what CSS is? Sorry about the sound issue .. You can use earphones for audible sound

Jigyasa Agrawal
Hi, I'm Jigyasa Agrawal, Currently pursuing B.Tech in computer engineering at GBPUAT pantnagar.

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Please add map based questions too. Thanks!
  1. Introduction to CSS -Jigyasa Agrawal

  2. What is CSS ????

  3. Cascading Style Sheet -defines presentation of the web page

  4. Selectors Properties Values Declarations declaration blocks rulesets Syntax???

  5. !DOCTYPE html> 1 2 3 <html> 4. 5 <head> <title>CSS</title> <style type="text/css"> pf 7 8 9 10 background-color: red color: black; border-width: 10px; 12 13 14 15 16 </stylex 17 <p> 19 </p> 21 /htmi> </head> <body> hello </body 18 20

  6. Selectors -class -universal -1 0 element -attribute grouping

  7. How to use CSS in IITML???

  8. -Inline Styling Internal Stvlesheet External Stvlesheet 3 ways to link CSS- nternal sylesheet

  9. responsive website -add image to elements animations -relative positioning -style everything What CSS can do???aatons