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Background (in Hindi)
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Here we will learn background properties of CSS.

Jigyasa Agrawal
Hi, I'm Jigyasa Agrawal, Currently pursuing B.Tech in computer engineering at GBPUAT pantnagar.

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  1. Background

  2. You can set the background properties of elements

  3. background-image background-color background-positiorn background-repeat background-attachment background Properties

  4. Set the image in the background of an element Just insert the location of image inside the style tag background-Image Eg. <style> bodylbackground-image: url ("....");) 03 style>

  5. round-color sets the color of background of an element backg g. p background-color:red ;)

  6. Place background image according to you By default it is in top-left corner You can position it anywhere like set it to '50px 100px' this means 50px from left and 100px from top of web browser background-position -

  7. There are some fixed positions also top(0900%) bottom(0%,100%) center(50%,50%) 0% 0% top left 25% 25% center center 50% 50% 75% 76% 100px 255px 100% 100% bottom right

  8. To repeat some image in background - background-repeat - no repeat - repeat-x - repeat-y repeat

  9. doesn't repeat the background image hello e o LJ no-repeat

  10. Repeats the background image horizontally repeat-x

  11. Shorthand for whole background properties Can include all properties in one line backgrouna