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Colors (in Hindi)
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Here we will learn CSS colors.

Jigyasa Agrawal
Hi, I'm Jigyasa Agrawal, Currently pursuing B.Tech in computer engineering at GBPUAT pantnagar.

Unacademy user
when i try to study editorial page , i dont grasp it dont understand well due to differet english words
  1. Colors

  2. -set color to either foreground or background also used for decoration i.e either in borders or other effects

  3. -color names -hex codes Different Formats short hex codes -rgb absolute -rgb percentage

  4. - We give the keyword for that color directly like red , blue etc Eg. PI color: blue ;h Color names

  5. -#RRGGBB -6 digit representation -hex code preceded by hash Hex codes h1{ color: #0000FF ;}

  6. #RGB 3 digit representation Short hex code 445577 becomes #457 Eg p{ color : #00F ; }

  7. rgb(rrr,ggg, bbb) value of rrr is between 0-255 rgb absolute hlfcolor:rgb (0,0,255) ;h

  8. rgb ( rrr% , ggg, bbb%) rrr is 0-255 in percentage rgb percentage P color rgb(50% , 100% , 25%) ; }

  9. Foreground color

  10. Defines the text color i.e foreground of the elements Eg p[color: red;]