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Impressive Idioms In English Part 2
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This lesson focuses on Idioms which will make your Spoken as well as written English really impressive like At the drop of a Hat, Far cry from, Piece of cake and many more. This lesson is extremely beneficial for students who want to improve their English and also for students preparing for verbal reasoning section of the various competitive examination.

Reema Behl
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all

Unacademy user
Q5. information answer hoga sir ji 🙏
A foreign language is obviously a far cry from out mother tongue but your lessons have made English a piece of cake for many of us.
Nitesh, since it was the last video, I deliberately didn't use the tip. Ashutosh, even I stutter while speaking, most people do! :) Though I am not a speech expert (yet), I will try to make a lesson on it in my upcoming collection. Thanks
Mama, Can you please upload a video of word power made chapters and Happy Holi
people while giving speech, make sentences and stop on some words like a.. a.. and they don't get actually from where to they have to start again to make answer complete. give some tips about it. because many people stop in the middle of their answer. one of my friend used to add new line everytime with word like.... like(this....), like(that.....), it was one way. is there any other way/trick so that people can make their sentence continuously.
Ma'am, i have been following u for the impeccable language knowledge u possess and also i love listening to yr voice, the way u speak n your accent has an enchanting effects. i don't know if somebody told u this about... but yah, I ended up finishing all the lessons as a result. Eagerly waiting for more of u to come :D. Your respectfully :)
  1. BASIC CONCEPTS IN SPOKEN ENGLISH Lesson 10: Idioms Part 2 Presented by Reema Behl

  2. Introduction. Objective: Interviews, CAT, general examinations interactions Educator: Reema Behl End goal of collection: To speak English fluently and write English better @

  3. Sociology Hons LSR Masters, Journalism, Sciences Po, Paris Convergent Journalism, Jamia Millia Islamia Asaistant t Editor, Danea Dance Jazz Contemporary Theatre Public speaking Femina NDTV Reema Behl

  4. Phrases idioms At the drop of a hat without any hesitation; instantly Reema is ready to teach English at the drop of a hat. IN IN XX

  5. Phrases / idioms .Far cry from Very different from Teaching English on Unacademy is a far cry from writing for my magazine!

  6. Phrases / idioms Piece of cake A job, task or other activity that is easy or simple Learning to speak English will be a piece of cake after watching these lessons on Unacademy.

  7. Phrases / idioms Heart is in mouth Very nervous My heart was in my mouth before l made my first video for Unacademy

  8. Phrases / idioms Foot in one's mouth Say something stupid, embarrassing Reema put her foot in mouth when she mispronounced a common word in English

  9. Phrases idioms Foot in mouth disease The phrase,which dates rom the 18705, s probably aref rence tofot- and-mouth disease,adeadly winus found in catle. She has a foot in mouth disease. She always ends up making some stupid remark.