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You Need To Stop Saying These Phrases NOW! Part 1
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This lesson focuses on phrases which have been caught up over the years but are actually not correct to use like What is your good name, Where do you put up and many more. This lesson is extremely beneficial for students who want to improve their English and also for students preparing for verbal reasoning section of the various competitive examination.

Reema Behl
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all

Unacademy user
thanks but very very bed translaet
I am having a baby, this is right.
Hi madam, really useful video. Please answer these two queries: 1.) You are Reema, aren't you? Is this sentence correct 2.) This doesn't pertain to your lesson but am hoping that you will still answer. How can an engineering graduate become a journalist with a magazine or media channel especially for lifestyle programs. Thanks Regards Hardik Siroha
Thank you very much Ma'am.
thank u mam its very helpful for me
  1. BASIC CONCEPTS IN SPOKEN ENGLISH Lesson 7: You need to stop saying these phrases NOW! Presented by Reema Behl

  2. Introduction. Objective: Interviews, CAT, general examinations interactions Educator: Reema Behl End goal of collection: To speak English fluently and write English better @

  3. Sociology Hons LSR Masters, Journalism, Sciences Po, Paris Convergent Journalism, Jamia Millia Islamia Asaistant t Editor, Danea Dance Jazz Contemporary Theatre Public speaking Femina NDTV Reema Behl

  4. Words/phrases that mean nothing at all! What is your good name? Myself Reema. Where do you put up?

  5. She's having a car./She's having a house. HAS

  6. This is your bag? Is this your bag?

  7. You are Reema?/ Are you Reema?