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Become A Brilliant English Speaker Using These Tips And Tricks


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Reema Behl

This entire collection will help us out in improving the way we talk in English. It will help us in learning the proper usage of Modals, Pronouns and Relative pronouns, the things we have been saying wrong like the repetition of the subject in our sentences and Words like written down, final outcome, possibly might and many more. It also throws light on phrases which have caught up over the years but are actually used wrongly. Also, learn the most commonly used Idioms which can also be used in daily life to make our spoken English impressive. It is extremely beneficial for students who are looking to improve their verbal skills as well for verbal reasoning section in the competitive examinations.



98 reviews

Roman Saini

reviewed on Oct 22, 2016

Great work Reema. This course will certainly help students in figuring out the glitch in their pronunciation.

Ganesh Sankhla

reviewed on Oct 7, 2016

This course is extremely helpful for those guys who know English but they are unable to speak in a correct way or fluently . thanks, Ma'am. :)

priyatam C

reviewed on May 21, 2016

These videos indeed helped a great deal. The best part is if anyone does not like to open books they can easily learn from here . Hope to learn much more from here. Tanks to unacademy and reema ????????????????

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