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Important Formulas to Remember (in Hindi)
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In this lesson most important formulas for integration have been explained.These formulas must be remembered for a strong foundation on integration

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
sir, aapka methods of differentiation ka bhi koi course hai kya?? please tell
Vineet Loomba
4 months ago
Abhi nhi h ..will launch if u need
The great
4 months ago
please launch ASAP
Vikash Thukran
13 days ago
now it is available
thanks sir, plz inverse trigonometry BHI laylejiaja plz MERI weak hai
inverse trignometrry ek liye ek lecture or plzz
Vineet Loomba
5 months ago
There is course on ITF on my profile
Muskan Mandil
5 months ago
ohk thanks
thank u sir it helped me a lot👍👍👍
  1. Must be on Ti ps m+l M+ I Foumulax 3 3/2 3

  2. H1 2 lb , .dn= <sec "re

  3. Example

  4. 3 3 3 X.